What Causes Poor Air Flow in a Duct System and How to Fix It

Particles that are drawn in due to moisture or static pressure can cause issues with air flow and quality over time. To prevent this, it is essential to have your ducts professionally cleaned. One of the most common causes of poor air flow is blocked ventilation. To check for any blocked vents, look in the baseboards or ceiling for furniture, bedding, or a closed ventilation damper.

If the vents are open but still not blowing enough air, there could be an issue with the fan motor. The Department of Energy states that the typical duct system has between 35 and 50% of leaks. This means that between 35 and 50% of the air from the air controller does not reach its intended destination. The air filter is responsible for removing particles such as dust and other allergens from the air, but if it is not changed regularly, it can become clogged and reduce indoor airflow. If the air filter is relatively new and clean, make sure you are using an air filter with the correct Minimum Efficiency Information Value (MERV) rating for your unit. Each area that receives a measured amount of air should also be able to return the same amount of air to the system.

Most leaks occur where two ducts meet; you can place your hand near those joints to feel the air. Once all the air from the air controller has been accounted for, it is important to balance the duct system to ensure that each room gets the desired amount of air. Air filters with a higher MERV rating can filter more contaminants from the air, but they also reduce airflow through the unit. Each duct in a home must be designed and installed so that it delivers a certain amount of air to a given space. Narrow ducts or ducts that haven't been cleaned for a long time can quickly become clogged, reducing airflow.

If your home's return vents aren't enough, the air conditioning process won't work efficiently. In an ideal situation, an air controller produces a certain amount of air which is then distributed throughout the house so that an equal amount of air is returned from each room. If airflow problems are not treated, they can lead to expensive compressor failure. Air balancing is a method of testing the air conditioning unit to determine what is causing uneven airflow or negative air pressure. From dirty filters to leaking ducts, there are many reasons why your AC's airflow may be weak. To ensure proper airflow and avoid costly repairs, it is important to have your ducts professionally cleaned and inspect them regularly for any obstructions.

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